Stories to Systems

An executive and content creator with seven years of youth- and community-development experience. I listen to your stories and translate them into clear and inclusive systems. Whether you’re one or an organization, I can bring clarity to your people-centered idea. I help up your shine, so you can spread the glow.

Your Story is Obtainable

Many people focus on the rewards reaped from accomplishing a goal. I thrive on the process. If you have a vision and no idea how to make it real, I will help break your intention down into actionable steps.

The business world tosses around jargon like month-old tootsie rolls at a 4th of July parade. The chewy candy may be sweet, but it pales in comparison to the rich, satisfying taste of an 70% dark chocolate bar. We don’t need to swallow twenty little tootsie rolls, we just want to savor a bite of the real chocolate. (Sorry to all those chocolate-haters out there. You can just compare candy corn to carrots.)

I want to savor the story. Your story. Where did you come from? What is your dream? And how are you uniquely qualified to spread the glow. We all have a story to tell; sometimes, we just need somebody to listen.

I will listen. That is my promise to you. I will listen to your story and we will work together to create a system that brings your story into the world.

My Commitment to All Voices

I bring nearly a decade’s worth of experience in the youth- and community-development field. I write pieces examining how we approach community change. How historically, agency and voice has been silenced. How presently, we have a responsibility to clear a path those voices. How for tomorrow, I dream of integrated story-telling with systems grounded in compassionate equity.

I care about inclusiveness not because of my skin, but because a multitude of stories make for stronger systems. We are meant to learn from one another's experiences. Organizational understanding can only increase through considering informed practices by local residents.

Let Me Help You

  • Consultation Services
    • Listen to your story and transform your vision into a quantifiable business plan.
    • Develop your professional aspirations from an idea, to reality, and beyond.
  • Content Creation and Design.
    • Set up or re-haul your professional website with pages designed to meet your needs.
    • Create landing page content.
    • Write limited or ongoing content that reflects your organizational goals.
  • And more! Let's have a fifteen minute conversation for free.