who I am

I’m a life-time learner. A writer. A dreamer. I love to experience new things and explore different cultures. I’m kind of a foodie, in that I love to eat anything and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Some have said I’m a fashionista. At the very least, I can walk circles around you in a both a specialty shop or a thrift store.

Who I really am, though, is somebody who’s always there to listen – who finds meaning through showing empathy towards others – who seeks the awesome potential for greatness in you. I truly believe in the innate goodness of all persons and if that makes me naïve, then I'll gladly accept that virtue.

what I do

I am a current Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. You can follow my journey as a PCV at:
Peace Corps Morocco

why I am here

I’m here to share stories. I’m here to hear your story. It’s a pretty big part of my life mission:

to share stories that celebrate each person’s uniqueness and diversity, while appreciating one another’s interconnectedness, and to create systems that promote compassion and equity around the world

That second piece is quite a handful, as well. I never say I’m just one person because there’s nothing “just” about the impact you have on the lives of others. That’s why I say treat everybody justly – more important, be sure that when seeking justice for all, you weave compassion into every action.

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